• Jury trials and court trials on OWI/DUI
  • Motion hearings
  • Refusal of Breathalyzer/Blood test
  • Dealing with the DMV
  • Fighting for your driver's license

A conviction can result in jail, fines, driver's license revocation, and numerous other DMV requirements.  Although cases may look the same at first glance, every case is unique and every defense is specifically tailored to the facts of your case. 

Have all your questions answered and be represented by one of the top OWI DUI lawyers.

Attorney Dobogai's OWI litigation success speaks for itself.  The following

cases were for people who were charged with OWI and found NOT GUILTY:

Owi in Milwaukee and statewide, DUI lawyers and Traffic Defense

*Every case is unique.  These defendants were found not guilty, but their case does not assure you the same result.

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Department of Transportation links:

City of Muskego v. Ryan L., City of Waukesha v. Paul F., City of South Milwaukee v. Norman K., State v. Timothy M. (Milwaukee County), City of Waukesha v. David M., City of Waukesha v. Carl K., City of Waukesha v. Audra H., City of Waukesha v. Abby O., Milwaukee County v. Breanna R., State v. Timothy M., State v. Raymond K., City of Waukesha v. Raynaldo G., City of Lake Geneva v. Richard S., City of West Allis v. Kenneth K., City of Waukesha v. Taylee M., State v. Jesse F. (OWI in Milwaukee Co.), Milwaukee County v. Alfredo H., Milwaukee County v. Chris K., City of Greenfield v. Gustavo A., State of Wisconsin v. Matthew V. (OWI in Milwaukee Co.), City of West Allis v. Daniel M., State v. Charles K. (OWI in Milwaukee Co.), City of Greenfield, v. James Z., State v. Eric S. (OWI in Waukesha Co.), City of Cudahy v. Jeffrey G., City of Greenfield v. Matthew R., City of Greenfield v. Cody E., State  v. Donnalee W. (OWI in Milwaukee Co.), State v. Gerardo R. (OWI in Waukesha County), City of Franklin v. Joseph P., State v. Daniel T. (Milwaukee Co.), State v. James E. (OWI in Milwaukee Co.), State V. Scott P. (OWI in Milwaukee Co.), City of Cudahy v. Heather M., State v. Joseph P. (OWI in Dodge Co.), County of Milwaukee v. Shahzad A., State v. Daniel M. (Vilas Co.), State v. Stafford M. (OWI in Milwaukee Co.), County of Milwaukee v. Todd W., County of Milwaukee v. Todd W. (2nd time OWI in Milwaukee), City of Milwaukee v. Donald A., County of Milwaukee v. Peter H., State v. James H. (OWI in Sheboygan Co.), City of West Allis v. Daniel E., City of Greenfield v. Joshua B., City of South Milwaukee v. Kenneth W., City of Greenfield v. Kimberly I., City of Greenfield v. Eric W., City of New Holstein v. Regina C. (OWI in Calumet Co.).


  • Getting prior offenses to not count against you
  • Challenging police actions
  • Guidance related to alcohol assessments
  • SR-22 insurance and ignition interlock issues
  • All drunk driving charges and traffic offenses